Vasishta Ganguly


Dr. Tony Schmitz

Project Description

Vasishta Ganguly is working with Dr. Tony Schmitz in the field of displacement measurement interferometry, which offers high accuracy, range, and resolution for non-contact displacement measurement applications. Periodic error, however, remains an intrinsic error source that prevents traditional configurations from achieving sub-nanometer level accuracy. Vasishta's research project involves the measurement and real-time compensation of this periodic error. This is accomplished by analyzing the sensitivity of the first order and second order errors with respect to the misalignments is the optical setup (half wave plate and linear polarizer orientations) and compensating accordingly. He is also studying the effects of beam shearing on the magnitudes of the periodic error. The end goal is to develop a technique to accurately estimate periodic error so that a digital algorithm can be implemented for real-time compensation.


  • B.E., University of Pune, India, Mechanical Engineering, 2006