Junmo Kang


Dr. Hitomi Yamaguchi Greenslet

Project Description

Junmo's research project is working with Dr. Greenslet on a project entitled "Study of internal deburring of capillary tubes with multiple laser-machined slits using a magnetic field-assisted finishing process." Generally, these kinds of capillary tubes with multiple slits are used for medical devices, such as stents. Currently, chemical processes are applied for internal cleaning and deburring of capillary tubes. However, the chemical processes can have harmful environment effects; the new mechanical process avoids these issues. Junmo is working on tubes with 0.4 mm inner diameters to understand the deburring characteristics and mechanism.


  • B.S., Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea, 2006


  • 2004 Silver Prize, Korean Society of CAD/CAM Engineers Contest
  • 2004 Third Prize, Autodesk Design Contest, Korea
  • 2003 Honors Scholarship, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea (2003-2005)


  1. Yamaguchi, H., and Kang, J., 2009, Study of Internal Deburring of Capillary Tubes with Multiple Laser-Machined Slits, International Conference on Burrs organized by Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Production Systems (CIRP), Kaiserslautern, Germany, April, 2009.