Advancing the frontiers of manufacturing science and engineering

Manufacturing at UF focuses on performing state-of-the-art research to produce innovative manufacturing and surface technologies. These technologies enable improved product performance and breakthroughs in water, food production, energy, aerospace, and healthcare systems. Students from the high school to graduate levels are trained to have strong analytical/computational modeling capabilities coupled with sound experimental techniques and data analysis skills.

While the historical focus has been macro-scale manufacturing applications, with the addition of new faculty and facilities, new activities at the micro- and nano-scale are underway. Current research areas include:

  • 3D printing with applications to human tissue fabrication
  • magnetic field-assisted finishing
  • micro- and nano-manufacturing
  • high-performance machining of advanced materials
  • modeling and sensing of machining processes

As you browse our site, we look forward to receiving your feedback, answering your questions, and learning how we can work together to improve global manufacturing capabilities.

Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Florida