Center for Manufacturing Innovation

We have a new name! We are now the "Center for Manufacturing Innovation"! This will more accurately reflect the great research work we are all doing.

Professor Greenslet elected SME Fellow in 2016 and ASME Fellow in 2015 - Congratulations!

Advanced Manufacturing Certificate

This certificate program is designed for manufacturing professionals and students interested in modern advanced manufacturing techniques. The one-year program is offered through UF EDGE (Electronic Delivery of Graduate Engineering) and is composed of a three course sequence offered annually in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. These courses cover traditional manufacturing processes, such as forming, machining, and welding; nontraditional manufacturing processes; and important engineering topics such as linear vibrations, modal analysis, and linear controls.

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Undergraduate Individual Study Opportunity

The objective of this individual study project is to design and build an experimental setup for testing the longevity of polymeric heart valves. This opportunity is a part of a research project to develop a polymeric heart valve that is durable and effective but does not require anticoagulation therapy or induce adverse patient reactions.

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Professor Greenslet's research appears on TV

"Polishing Mirrors with Magnets", Technology Spotlight, WCJB-TV, June 28, 2011.